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Leather Restoration, Reupholstery and Repair 

Let us restore, repair, or replace your worn or damaged leather furnishings.


Mason Anastasia Inc. is a complete leather restoration, repair, and upholstery company. We have been in business for more than 30 years and have over 40 years of experience working with leather. Our services include leather upholstery and leather products, and one of a kind fabrication. Contact us at 516-223-3350. With Mason Anastasia Inc., you receive handcrafted, master leatherwork.

Leather Restoration & Repair

Leather Restoration & Repair

Structural and Mechanical Repairs
Don't throw away that leather couch just because it's worn or severely damaged.  Instead, hire us to perform structural, wood frame, and spring repairs. Even recliner mechanisms.

Leather Color Matching
Improve the look of faded or damaged leather furniture with our expert color matching service.

Upholstery Services and Leather Repair
We provide complete mobile on-site repair service for leather furniture, automobile, boat & aircraft interiors.

Automotive Upholstery Repair
Make your car's interior look like new again with our upholstery repair service, which includes color matching and foam seating repair.

Boat Upholstery
Restore your boat's interior with our repair service. This includes the use of marine-grade leather, fabric, vinyl and even marine grade plywood when necessary.

Aircraft Upholstery Repair
Aircraft Leather, fabric and vinyl interior repair. All materials are FAA burn certified. This includes foam, leather, fabric & vinyl, all from FAA certified suppliers (appropriate FAA required paperwork is always provided for all materials used).

Complete seat reupholstery, foam cores,drapes/curtains, and even sheet metal panels when necessary. We recommend that aircraft Upholstery work be coordinated with annual inspections, major avionics or mechanical work.

Call MASON ANASTASIA at 516-223-3350 and let us restore your seating to it's original form,
or custom design a one of a kind interior.